Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Stage Three: Online

Well, it has been a crazy week with many messages pouring into my newly-created POF account. I have deleted many. I have responded to a few. In the beginning I felt that good etiquette required that I respond to all requests in some fashion. It quickly became apparent that I would never have the time. And to be honest, I felt that there were some men who I just didn't want to engage in conversation. Let's just call it a "gut-feeling" that they were not on my wave-length.

A small cross-section:

1) The tall, dark and handsome man who keeps calling me "Hun" and asking me out for a drink. (playa?)
2) The sweet, boyishly cute man with a PH.D. in English who has given me his number (whom I plan to call tomorrow....)
3) The man who works repairing bikes for a cycling team and travels all over the world for a living. (So jealous....He has gone to Cuba for three weeks now, but wants to meet when he gets back.)

There have been various others that I have crossed off the list immediately: the multi-tattooed, the ones who have more pictures of their dogs than themselves, the ones who have posted only a picture of their naked chest! (No judgement, to each his/her own.) I am looking for a genuine man with a sense of humour, sense of fun, and a positive attitude. Oh, and a mischievous grin is never a bad thing.

This weekend could be first contact. This may include a drink, a coffee, all of my lovable friends sitting at all the surrounding tables for support! I can do this!


  1. Stealth teams are necessary. It can be a weird adventure when you step into the online dating/meeting world. Good friends are always excellent back up.

  2. Absolutely! Everyone in my universe will know where I am and with whom, at any given moment. I might actually hand out beepers. ;)

  3. You can do it Miss S. You can do it! Courage to you. You are, after all, the Queen of Hearts!

  4. Not on a dating site but have seen them and I love all the pictures of guys in their white tank tops showing off those pipes!!! lol!!! It makes me laugh that people actually have the time to pose for these kinds of photos.

  5. Seriously, I think this will be the one blog where I read every single post and will want to comment on them all. You are amazing and this is so exciting, good for you girl!