Monday, February 1, 2010

Stage Two: Creating a Profile

Hello All,

Okay, I mustered up all of my courage and signed up on my first ever dating website. I decided on Plenty of Fish since it is free and I have known people who have had success with it. First I entered some personal information, but not my address or name. I was asked to write a little paragraph advising of my hobbies, goals/interests, taste in music, etc. I was not sure how much or how little to write, but I figured I would be pretty general to start. I am still a little nervous as I am a very private person. One very important thing was to upload a headshot. I grabbed a picture from a recent evening out and hoped for the best.

One thing that I did not expect was to be asked to fill out a quiz that creates a "chemistry profile". It contained a long list of questions of a variety of subjects. It was meant to cover five areas: Self-Confidence, Family Orientation, Self-Control, Openness and Easygoingness. A report was churned out that was, no word of a lie, 19 paragraphs long. I ask the question: Did my answers really give them this much information? Or is this just a scam to make us believe that they are matching us up with only the truly worthy potentials?

So, as I go wandering around this new website, I notice that I have five messages already in five minutes, actual men who have commented on things that I have written! Readers, I am terrified. I am not ashamed to admit this. I think that it will take a little research, and a few more days gathering courage, before this woman decides on which candidates are worth replying to. However, this experiment has a purpose so I will read through my messages and possibly, when the stars are all in the correct alignment, decide on a meeting. Stay tuned.

Miss S

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