Monday, March 8, 2010

Stage Seven: Taking a Breather

Well, there have been no dates to report back on this week. I needed a rest! To be honest, I felt as though I needed a time-out to regroup. The messages still keep pouring in, however, and they are as funny, bizarre, and sometimes slightly normal, as ever.

It was reading week at my college, so I grabbed a friend and went away to Ottawa for a few days. It was a mini-break that we both needed very badly. We stayed with a male friend of mine whom I worked with years ago. We ate, we drank, we played Rock Band (as a beginner I was better than I thought I'd be!). And I reflected.

We met up with my friend's friend for a drink. He had used dating websites before, and had even gotten a relationship out of it. Funnily enough, he had differing opinions about the "rules" I had created. He believes that you should chat for a while before meeting someone, just to get to know more about them. But this was coming from a very analytical man. This leads me to believe that the rules might be personal rules and that knowing yourself is key. If you can keep your imagination in check then sure, get to know as much as possible. But it's that elusive chemistry quotient we all crave and there is no telling until you meet them whether it has all been for naught.

My friend's friend also suggested another site: OKCupid. It has been quoted as "The Google of online dating" by the Boston Globe and is also free. Apparently it has many more personal quizzes that can give you information on prospective mates. I have decided to give it a shot and have begun my profile. It is already much more graphically pleasing than POF. Perhaps a new beginning is what is needed. I will approach this endeavour now as good entertainment first and foremost. And wow, is it ever!

Things I have noticed:

1) Most men who message me do not have even the slightest idea how to write coherent sentences. It's scary. The occasionally period or capital letter comes in handy guys!
2) After a good few weeks, the men who messaged you and who you ignored, will try again. But in a new message that seems to show that they forgot they already tried.
3) Many of the pictures attached to profiles are horrible. A picture of your dog dressed in pants is not a good idea! And if you are scowling and haven't brushed your hair, we get the ax-murderer vibe.

So with a new perspective and a new website I continue my research. Stay tuned.


  1. Good luck with the new site, Miss S! I have to say I love your blog and I look forward to reading it every week. Thanks!

  2. i have mentioned to you how much I enjoy reading your blog. The whole online dating thing really fascinates me. before it seemed weird if you met someone line online, but now it seems like the normal thing to do.

    I must admit we called a dating hotline and spoke to some random guy from buffalo. It was quite funny, except i was signed onto facebook when I was googling the site, and now i get updates on facebook about dating websites lol.